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How to earn $10 per day in 2019 – Simple and easy steps to learn and get started, earn your first $10 today

If you are looking for ways to earn some extra cash from home without investing a dime, then perhaps there’s tons of guides you can find online. Most of those guides are proven effective but majority of those needs an investment or membership fees.

Earning a little cash online isn’t that hard anymore since all types of information you needed to get started can be found online. All types of techniques and guides you needed is all handed to you by Google, you just have to a little research and thorough investigation on each programs you would like to join and see which methods really works best.

Way back in 2009, making money online since hard for most people especially for the beginners that even earning $5 to $10 per day is hard to achieve. But with all the available companies that offers such income opportunities today, you can just choose which one works best for you.

There are money making programs that requires membership fees, and some of those money making programs works for others but it may not work for everyone. So if you don’t want to spend money and just wanted to monetize your free time, then there’s a lot of choices you can choose from.

If you’ve heard about “Call Reviewing Jobs” then making $10 per day is possible and even more than, depending on the quality of your work and how much time, you are willing to invest in doing it. This means, that the more time you spend in reviewing calls, the more money you could earn. But this would also depend on the categories that are available on your account.

Website that pays you to review calls

There are several websites that offers such income opportunity, companies that allows you to earn money by reviewing calls. And one of those websites is Humanatic.com. Humanatic pays internet users to review calls and tagged them in the right categories for quality assurance purposes.

Humanatic.com has been around since 2007 and has been paying its members since then until now without fail. There might be some payment issues at times, like delays of payment but they never fail to inform their members about it, and always keep them posted.

Humanatic is one of the most legitimate call reviewing website that pays you to review call. If you are going to compare this type of jobs to other online jobs, perhaps we can say that this is the most easiest online job you can find online, and a little less stressful too, since you can just do it on your phone.

Basic things you need to get started

  • Basic internet knowledge – you need to know how to use computer, this is the number one requirement, but if you have a mobile phone that can connect to the internet and an earphone, that will work too, especially if you can’t afford to buy a laptop for now.
  • Laptop/mobile phone – you need either one of these to get started
  • Headphone/Earphone – you need this to get started, especially if you have a noisy surroundings, you will need a good  headphone or earphone.
  • Verified Paypal account – you need to have a paypal account to get started, there is no way you can get started without a paypal account and it must be verified.
  • Submit an online application – this will be the least thing you need to do if you already have a verified paypal account. Go to humanatic. com and signup, verify your information and login your paypal account. Make sure that you have not signup in the past using the email address that you have in your verified paypal account because your application won’t be accepted.
  • Wait for the email confirmation – after signing up, just wait for an email confirmation from humanatic stating that you are approved and you’re good to go, you can start earning money after that.

How do I get paid

Payment is made every Tuesday (eastern time) your payout will be sent to you every Tuesday upon request and will be sent to you through Paypal. There are a lot of members on humanatic that earns more than just $10 per day, others are making $50 per day which is a good money already for people who are living outside the US.

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