What is KingJobz and how it works? – is it legit or scam?

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You’re looking for an online income job and you stumbled upon Kingjobz –, and you wanted to know whether or not this website is legitimate or scam. This article will give you an insight on how KingJobz works and if you can really earn money from this website.

What is King Jobz

King Jobz is an internet job site in which you can earn money doing simple online tasks. offers a great income opportunity where you can earn extra cash from home without investing a dime.

King Jobz doesn’t require any registration fees, however while the site is free to signup this doesn’t mean that the website is legitimate. It is important to look at some factors when joining an earning website like King Jobz. The first thing you would like to look at before signing up is the reviews and check for payment proofs.

If you can’t find a single payment proof from its members being uploaded on the internet, you’d either think twice or not join. Always remember the every time that offers.

How does King Jobz Works

King Jobz works pretty easy and fast, one must need to register to the site and get started earning money. If you’re wondering if there is money to earn from this website, the answer would be yes! But there is no assurance that you will get paid since site like this has been around for years.

There are tons of website that looks totally the same as King Jobz and offers the same income opportunity. They also have similar claims, telling people that they have been around for years yet when you check on the date of their domain name registration you’ll find out that they have been around for at least a year or even 6 months.

Will I get paid if I join King Jobz?

The answer is no! most people who stumbled upon King Jobz website would think that there will be real job offers given to its members right after completing the registration. But the truth is, there won’t be any real online jobs given, the only thing you will get after completing the registration is a referral website.

King Jobz is a referral website under the category of PTC or GPT wherein members are encourage to share their own referral link in exchange of making money out of traffic. It’s like when a member shares their referral link(s) on any social media sites, or forum sites, they would earn $5 to $10 per link visit. The person needs to click on those referral link to be able to generate traffic to the site and have them join to King Jobz.

The first thing we would look at when scrutinizing a website like King Jobz is the payment proofs. You’d more likely want to check if any of the members has been paid, becuase if some members had been paid, they’d surely end up telling people because by doing that, it means more money!

You’ve probably seen your friends on Facebook sharing this income opportunity and  you want to join but you wanted to make sure first that the website is legit.

King Jobz Reviews – Is King Jobz legit or scam?

King Jobz is a fake website, it’s not real! everything you’ve read on King Jobz website were all imaginary. Yes! you can earn $5 to $10 dollars for every link visit,  but none of the memebers has been paid at all.And we have listed the reasons below just in case you’re wondering why you should avoid King Jobz.

#1. Obviously King Jobz is fake – yes King Jobz is fake, while the income opportunity they are offering seems to be real, it’s just too good to be true.

#2. King Jobz is not paying – that’s right! none of the members has been paid, yet a lot of them claimed to be making hundreds of dollars but when they tried to request for a payout none of their earnings has been sent to them. Why? because King Jobz is fake!

#3. The website is not secure – this is just another factor why you should stay away from King Jobz. The first thing you want to make sure before giving out your peronal information is to see if a website is secure  enough. And when it comes to an earning website like King Jobz you should know that it should be secured and safe! but as you can see King Jobz is not even secure.

#4. King Jobz requires you to complete surveys – members are required to complete surveys and are promised to be paid after completing the surveys. And legitimate websites don’t do this, just remember that legitimate websites should allow yout to withdraw your earnings without hastle.

#5. King Jobz minimum payout is too high – most legitimate earning webiste allows its members to cashout their earnings once reaches $10 and below but King Jobz requires its members to reach $300. And it’s very obvious that this website is fake knowing that the payment option they have is via Cheque.

#6. Fake contact email address – the contact email address they put on their website is fake! they don’t also respond to your queries, simply because the website is fake, why would they waste their time responding to your concerns?

#7. They earn money while you’re not! – they earn money every time a member completes a survey but they are not paying their members, as they are only making peanuts for each completed surveys and not even enough to pay you such huge amount like $300.

#8. King Jobz requires you to complete offers – these offers requires personal information such as credit cards. and this is part of the game!

#9. King Jobz requires you to download files sometimes that could cause damage to your device(s) such as phone, computer or laptop.

#10. No legitimate company would pay you $5 or $10 for a sinlge link visit.

#11. King Jobz Fase claims – King Jobz lies a lot of things, especially when it comes to the anti-cheat system they are using. This makes one believes that they are legit, when they’re only using it to have you signup and start promoting their website.

if you are looking for a legitimate income opportunity website where you can earn extra cash up to $10 then you can tried humanatic you can check it out and get started! It’s the most legitimate call reviewing site, the easiest and the fastest way to earn.

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