MyMonthlyJob Reviews – What is – Is it Scam or Legit? Earn up to $40,000/month possible or not?

Is My Monthly Job ( legit? – What is and how it works? Is making up to $40,000 possible with MyMonthlyJob or not? If you’re looking for Reviews and wanted to know whether it is scam or legit, then you’ve come to the right place. Here we will discuss about how this site works, and if it is paying or not!

Site Info:

Website Name: MyMonthlyJob

Domain Name:

Website Owner: Unknown

Category: Paid to Click, Referral Website, Get Paid To, Income Opportunity

Creation Date: 10-2018-07

Registrar: NameCheap, Inc.

Current Status: Active

What is My Monthly Job

My Monthly Job ( is an income opportunity website that claims to be legit. its main goal is to help internet users earn money from home without investing a dime. My Monthly Job website claims that they have been around for years but shows that its creation date was made last October 07, 2018 which means they have not been honest with their claims and/or statements.

Perhaps you came across with My Monthly Job too and that’s why you’re here because you’re wondering if it’s legit. For most internet users who are just new to the online money making world, My Monthly Job might be an option especially if you are looking to earn money fast!

And knowing that My Monthly Job gives everyone an opportunity to earn thousands of dollars in a month, this might have caught your attention too.

How does My Monthly Job ( Works

It only takes few minutes seconds to register to the site, it doesn’t even require a valid email address. It seems like website(s) like this one, just allow internet users to register on the site without using valid information.

Always remember that most of the legitimate money making website or income opportunity website(s) would want their users to use their real information as much as possible. But with how the registration works with, you would know it’s a fake website, now let’s take a look at the screenshots below.

1. Fast Registration Reviews

As we have mentioned above, the registration is as easy as 1,2,3, we were not required to use a valid email address, and other valid information that most legitimate websites requires.

2. Fast Approval Scam

Try to look at the screenshot above, you will see how we were approve in just a few seconds, no confirmation email was sent to us to verify the registration.

4. $10 Welcome Bonus payment proof

My Monthly Job is giving out $10 welcome bonus to each new member, and most legitimate website aren’t doing this! So it’s kinda ridiculous to think that a referral website like this with no main source of income is giving it away like a gift.

Who is it for?

#1. Stay at home moms

#2. Students/College students

#3. Stay at home dads

#4. Self-employed

#5. Unemployed

MyMonthlyJob Reviews – Scam or Legit?

#1. Too good to be true – no legitimate ptc or referral website would pay $5 to $10 per link visit.

#2. Not paying – is not paying, and hasn’t paid anyone.

#3. No paying proof – it is important for an income opportunity website to post payment proofs and/or at least members should be uploading if it’s legit.

#4. Minimum payout is too high – members need to reach $300 to be able to request for a payout, which is kinda funny because most of the legitimate website would allow you to withdraw your earnings as low as $10 below, $2 is the lowest.

#5. Pay rates is too high – to be honest $5 or $10 is too high for a single link visit, most legitimate money making website would only pay cents from $0.01 to $0.05 per link visit.

#6. Fake contact email – the contact email address they have on the site is fake.

#7. Completing surveys – members needs to complete surveys and are promised to be paid after.

#8. Completing offers – members are required to complete offers which requires a lot of information, like your personal info and credit card information.

#9. Downloading files. members are requires to download files, suspicious files that could damage your computer.

#10. is a fake website! stay away from it.

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