MyWeeklyWork Reviews – What is and How it Works – Is it Scam or Legit? Members earning up to $10,000 possible or not?

What is MyWeeklyWork, Is MyWeeklyWork (myweeklywork. com) scam or legit? How does MyWeeklyWork. com works, is there any proof of payment for this? Is it possible to earn up to $10,000 per month with MyWeeklyWork? The answer is yes! it’s possible but the question here is, is it legit, is MyWeeklyWork real or fake? let’s begin!

What is MyWeeklyWork

MyWeeklyWork (myweeklywork. com) is a website that offers great income opportunity for internet users who are looking for online jobs to earn some extra cash from home without leaving your comfort zone. MyWeeklyWork allows you to earn up to $10,000 or even more, depending on the time you are willing to invest into it.

There is a great possibility that you could earn thousands of dollars by simply promoting the website hence there is no real online jobs being offered on the site. For most people who are just new to online money making world, hearing this, and knowing that you could earn thousands of dollars might get you excited, but wait there’s more, let us talk about how the website works first.

How Does MyWeeklyWork Works

All website requires a registration process before you can get started, so signing up would be your very first step to get started. But how does the registration process really works? does it take long for it to be completed?

1. Fast Registration

myweeklywork registration
screengrab: myweekwork. com

As you can see above, the registration is hustle free, you don’t even need to put a valid email address and other personal information. But wait, isn’t a valid email address is required to register to any income opportunity website? wait, there’s more!

2. Fast Approval successful registration
screengrab: myweeklywork. com

We always try our best to check how the registration process works, as you can see the above screenshot. The registration has been approve without using a valid email address and valid information.

3. $10 Welcome Bonus payment proof
screengrab: myweeklywork. com

As usual, website like MyWeeklyWork always gives its members a welcome bonus worth of $10. This kind of generosity makes the members feeling excited to even get started, by just seeing that amount of money sitting in there make them motivated even more.

The registration process doesn’t really take long, it only takes few seconds, although the excitement might end up after requesting your first payout. Members need to reach the minimum payout which is $300, and talking about payout, $300 dollars is pretty high for a minimum cash withdrawal. Because most of the PTC and/or GPT websites like MyWeeklyWork usually allows its members to withdraw their earnings at least around $10 below.

MyWeeklyWork Reviews – Scam or Legit?

There’s a lot of factors you need to consider when joining a website like MyWeeklyWork. First you need to see whether the website is reliable, so checking for its legality wouldn’t hurt.

The first thing you need to consider before joining such website like MyWeeklyWork is to find for a genuine reviews an that’s what we do here. You might find great reviews from its users that promotes the website and encourage you to join. However, most people who do this are newbies and aren’t aware of its fakeness!

So what makes MyWeeklyWork a fake website? and why you should stop promoting it and stay away fro it for good?

#1. Creation date – upon checking the creation date of MyWeeklyWork. com, we found out that the domain name has been created September 09, 2018 and will expire on September 09,2019 which contradicts to their claims.

#2. Fake Claims – first MyWeeklyWork. com stated that they have been arounf for years and has over thousands members around the world. And stating the fact that the domain name has been created only last year, contradicts their statement.

#3. Too Good To Be True – again, there is a saying that if it’s too good to be true then perhaps it’s fake! Why is it too good to be true? pretty simple! the website allows you to earn $10,000 per month and even more, but aren’t paying! There is no website like MyWeeklyWork. com that would allow you to earn such amount.

#4. Not Paying – there is no living proof, that MyWeeklyWork has been anyone, if there’s any, then members itself should have been telling others and uploading it online.

#5. Members Are Required to Complete Surveys – members are ask to complete surveys and are promise to be paid. And after completing surveys which is not true! no one has been paid after completing surveys.

#6. Completing Offers – Members are required to complete offers that may need your personal information or ask you to provide your credit information which will later be charged for something you never purchase.

#7. downloading Suspicious Files – this is just another trick for you to download files that could damage your computer and steal some of the information you have in your computer.

#8. The Minimum Payout is too high – yes why would they require you to reach $300 first allowing you to request for a payout? it’s because they knew you’d stop promoting the site once you finds out they’re not paying, like letting you find it out too early. So at least with $300 minimum threshold, they can benefit from you.

#9. Fake Email Support – the email they have provided on their website is fake! there is no way to reach them out even if you try harder.

#10. MyWeeklyWork is scam! it’s Fake! stay away from it.

Why is MyWeekWork Doing This?

Perhaps you’re asking yourself right now, why is MyweeklyWork fooling people? well, it’s pretty simple, MyWeeklyWork is using CPA (cost per action) ads in which they earn money every time its members completed a survey or an offer or downloaded files. Yes! that’s right, they’re making money but not paying their members.

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