MyWorkforLife Reviews and Payment Proof – Legit or Scam?

MyWorkforLife – if you are looking for an online job, perhaps you’ve notice a lot of websites that is similar to MyWorkforLife. com wherein internet users are promised to get paid by doing simple online tasks.

We have seen a lot of Facebook users sharing their MyWorkforLife referral link(s), in the hope of making money and getting paid. And now, a lot of you are wondering, whether or not is legit or not.

What is MyWorkforLife

MyWorkforlife ( is a website that offers online jobs to those who are looking to earn extra cash from home without investing money. There’s a lot of websites that offers the same income opportunity, however, most of these websites are fake, just like MyWorkforLife.

How Does MyWorkforLife Works

Most people who are not familiar with this type online scam usually fall into it and have tried their luck promoting hoping that they’re gonna get paid! For those who are not aware and is still new to online world, know that most of these fake internet job sites looks totally the same, from their website designs and what they are offering.

For those who are wondering, if there is any real online jobs being offered on the site, the answer is, there is no real online jobs being offered at all. Their only main goal is getting more signups, that way they’ll earn money from each surveys and offers completed through the site.

So MyWorkforLife is just a plain referral website wherein members are required to share their referral link and are promised to get paid $5 to $10 for each link visit, but wait.. there’s more!

How much do I need to accumulate to be able to request for a payout?

Yes each members are given an option to withdraw their earnings, just to make it appear realistic and legit. But the truth is, once you request for a payout, you need to fill out an online surveys, and complete offers, such as downloading suspicious files, and providing credit cards information. Because obviously those offers aren’t free, most are free trials that probably requires your credit card information.

You need to reach $300 before you can request for a payout, although the website is free, and doesn’t require any membership fees. However, this is not an indication that the website is truly legit and paying, because none of the members has been paid at all, and you cannot really find any proof of payment(s) online.

What makes MyWorkforLife a Fake and Scam website?

#1. Not Paying – The website is not paying and hasn’t paid anyone

#2. Too Good to be True – the website pays $5 to $10 per link visit and offers $25 welcome bonus to each members, which is just too good to be true! no legitimate company would ever pay such amount for a a single link visit.

#3. Completing Surveys – members are required to complete surveys which is way too much for a referral or get paid to Website like MyWorkforLife. Most of the legitimate get paid to website does not require such thing.

#4. No Payment Proof – you can never really find any single payment proof online, because the website is fake and not paying.

#5. Fake Contact Information – the contact email being provided on the site is fake, you would never get any response from them when you try to send them email, simply because they’re hiding their real identity.

For those who are looking for payment proof, you can never find one on the internet because MyWorkforLife hasn’t paid anyone and beside it’s a fake website, a fake internet job site, if you are looking for alegitimate online job that truly pays, you can try Humanatic.

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