MyWorkingHour Reviews – What is MyWorkingHour .com and how it Works? Is it scam or legit? earn $500 per week doing simple online task.

Is My Working Hour (myworkinghour. com) a legitimate income opportunity or not? What is My Working Hour and how it works? Earning up to $500 per week with My Working Hour, real or fake? this review will give you a clearer outlook on how MyWorkingHour really works.


Join part time job, earn money doing simple online task from home without investing money. Job offers available for students, housewives, stay at home moms, single moms, self-employed and unemployed.

What is My Working Hour

Myworkinghour. com is a website that offers great income opportunity to those who are looking for an online job. The website is made available for everyone, stay at home moms, and high school students can simply get started and start earning cash from home.

The main concept of this website is to make money making online easy and fast! which most internet users prefers than investing their hard earned money. According to My Working Hour website, they have been around for years and has over thousands of members worldwide.

With that being said, this means, that MyWorkingHour website is telling you the truth. But the question is, is the website telling you the truth? is there any cash to make? can you really earn money from this? or everything is just imaginary?

How it Works

Just like any other income opportunity website, My Working Hour requires every member to create an account so they can get started. My Working Hour isn’t something new that we usually review, as we have reviewed similar website that works totally the same.

To show you the step by step registration process, we have signed up to the site just to show you a clear view.

1. So this is how the landing page of My Working Hour website looks like. Perhaps you have seen so many income opportunity website that looks totally the same with this one.

2. So this is the registration page, as you can see, the website is not secure. Upon signing up and providing invalid email, the registration has been approved.

3. Fast Approval – the registration has been successful without even using a valid email address and legitimate money making websites don’t do this!

4. They’re giving $10 welcome bonus to each member who registered to the site. And most referral and PTC is not doing that!

5. They have this anti-cheat thing that would make any newbie believe, it’s legit and not a scam! But the truth is, MyWorkingHour is a fake website.

MyWorkingHour Reviews – Scam or Legit?

With all the proof provided on the screenshots and upon resting the website. We have to tell you that you better stay from the site right now. MyWorkingHour is a fake work at home job, its main goal is to get you there and have you work for them.

What makes myworkinghour. com a fake website?


The website is too good to be true, again there is a saying that if it’s too good to be true. Then it’s probably fake! the website may let you earn thousands of dollars for a short period of time but there is no way that this website will pay you for your hard work.


It is important to check if there’s any payment proofs can be found on the internet. Unfortunately there is none! as usual website like this can’t prove to anyone or can’t pretend to be legit. If it’s legit and paying? members would have upload tons of payment proofs already.


It’s ridiculous to think that you have to reach $300 before you can request for a payout! And this is very alarming, because most of the legitimate money making website would actually allow you to withdraw your earnings once you reach $2 up to $10.


The email provided on the website is fake! they simply don’t respond to your queries because the email itself is fake, and they won’t waste their time, responding to your questions.


Members are required to complete surveys after requesting for a payout. And are promised to get paid after completing the survey, unfortunately they aren’t paid still after completing it.


Members are required to complete offers that might require credit cards information, or cash, the amount of money that every offer cost will be deducted to your credit card without you knowing it.


Welcome bonus worth of $10 is just too much for a referral website with no main source of funding. The website claims to have thousands of members around the world, which means they would have been bankrupt by now if they giving out $10 to each of them without a specific source of income.


Other members are required to download suspicious files after requesting for a payout. Those files could cause damage to your computer, so you better not do it.


Stay away from it, if you don’t want to waste your time and efforts doing, working hard and not getting paid!

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If you are looking for a legitimate online job then MyWorkingHour isn’t really the right website for you. Signup to our website and keep browsing as we will be sharing a real income opportunity that truly pays

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