OdMoney. Fun Review – Get Paid Viewing Ads

GPT and PTC websites has been around for years, the possibility of making a decent amount of money from  those money making websites is not that hard, but your success wouldn’t happen overnight. People may earn a thousand dollar a month doing PTC or GPT jobs but it needs a lot of hardwork, and tons of referrals.

There are hundreds (if not thousands) of those websites that are genuine, and a lot of online earners has been doing a great job of referring other people. Other people are making a good amount of money out of it depending on the number of their referrals and how much money they have invested on ads.

If you’re a student and wanted to earn a little extra cash from home while studying, then perhaps joining PTC or GPT is suitable for you. There’s a lot of sites you can choose from, you just have to choose which one is genuine enough, so won’t end up wasting your time and effort.

What is OdMoney.Fun

OdMoney. Fun is a GPT website in which you can simply earn money viewing ads, the website claims that members could earn $0.1 per view. OdMoney doesn’t require it’s members to visit advertiser’s website, there is a set of 6 ads you can view every time a member submit codes and the webpage is refreshed.

How it Works

The company offers you to earn money on viewing ad units and attracting referrals. Watch commercial advertising, and we will credit up to 10 cents to your account for an ad unit display. Attract referrals and get 50% from their earnings transferred to your account. It seems to be the most profitable offer on the market of paid advertising at the time!

Your earnings are practically unlimited and depend on the time you spend in front of your PC. Working on the average 3-5 hours a day, you can get paid from 50$ to 300$ or even more to your account. All earned funds are saved in the personal account of the employee and are paid to your bank 
card or electronic account upon the request in your account within 1 hour.

Is it possible to earn $3000 per week from this?

The answer is yes! there is a great possibility that you could earn up to $3000 per week or even more depending on the time you are willing to invest on the site. You can either work 8 hours and see how much you could earn or you can also try working 24 hours and see how much you could earn in a day.

While earning money from OdMoney may sound simple and easy, there is no guarantee that you’re gonna get paid, hence most of the paid out members listed on the site aren’t genuine.

Those earning statistics were just made to get your attention and make you believe that they are paying and that the website is genuine. But the truth is OdMoney. fun hasn’t paid anyone. Their minimum threshold, is way too high for a GPT website like OdMoney, so obviously it’s a fake website.

Is Legit?

You’re here because you wanna find out whether is legitimate money making website or not, and the answer is NO! it’s fake , it’s not legit! it’s a scam! a fraud website and have not paid anyone. Below are some valid reasons why you should stay away from OdMoney.

  1. Too good to be true – yes it is too good to be true, because you can earn unlimited amount of money by almost doing nothing! 
  2. Fake earning statistics – the earning statistics they have listed on the site were all fake, a made up paid out lists to fool you and make you believe that they are genuine when they’re obviously not!
  3. you can’t contact them – you won’t be getting any response from them every time you try to contact them or send them an email.
  4. No real payment proof – this is just another reason why you should avoid this website, there is no genuine proof of payment, all the earnings posted on the site were all fake, a made up paid out earnings!

If you are looking for a legitimate income opportunity and would like to earn a little extra cash but don’t want to waste your time and efforts, then you better stay away from OdMoney.

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