OdMoney.Club Review – Earn Money Online Doing Simple Online Tasks From Home Without Investment

If you are looking for a genuine review about OdMoney. Club then you’ve come to the right place, you are here because you wanna find out whether OdMoney (a money making website) is legit or scam.

This type of income opportunity is quite interesting, especially if it offers a good income potential, there is no way to become successful overnight at everything you want to achieve especially when it comes to making extra money online. But there’s always a way to earn a little extra depending on how much time you are willing to invest in doing and completing the tasks.

What is OdMoney. Club

OdMoney. Club is a Get Paid To website which allows internet users to earn money from home doing simple online tasks. OdMoney is an advertising network that helps advertisers in generating more traffic and exposure on the products they are trying to promote.

The main concept of this website is to get paid for each action you’ve made, let say, you have to submit capchas to earn 10 cents for each ads viewing, that’s how you are paid, which is a bit different than most of the GPT or PTC website, hence most of those requires you to visit the advertiser’s website.

How it Works?

The website claims that members could earn up to 10 cents or $0.1 per viewing which will require captcha submission, until the page will refreshed itself and another set of commercial ads will be loaded.

It works pretty simple, it doesn’t require any college degree to be qualified for such online job, hence anyone can do it, even a grade school student could do it. There is no limit as to how much you can earn, you control your time and you can earn as much as you want.

However, while the site is free to join, and they are not collecting any membership fees, it is not guaranteed that you will get paid. Because the earning statistics they have posted on the site aren’t genuine, those statistics are just made up to lure you and have you signup or have you refer more people to the site.

Is OdMoney.Club Legit?

Perhaps you’re here because you wanna find out if OdMOney.Club is legit and the answer to that question is NO! both OdMoney.Club and OdMoney.Fun are scam! These websites aren’t paying and has been fooling around for years. Below are some valid reasons of why you should avoid the site.

  1. Too good to be true – the way the site works, seems unbelievable, although there are tons of reasons why we consider this website as scam! and all of those reasons are valid.
  2. Not paying – yes you heard it right! the website is not paying and all the paid out members they have listed on the site are all fake!
  3. No genuine proof of payment – it is very important to check for proof of payment before joining a specific income opportunity website, not unless it’s new then there might be a chance that it’s legit. But in this case, OdMoney.Fun has been around for quite while now and you can’t even see any genuine proof of payment 
  4. High minimum threshold – yes you need to reach $150 before you can request for a payout , members are more encouraged to refer other people and are promised to get paid once they reach $150.
  5. There is no way you can contact the admins, they\re hiding and not responding to queries. 

If you are looking for a legitimate online job and you hate wasting your precious time and effort, you better stay away from any of the OdMoney websites.

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