PartTimeJob Review – What is PartTimeJob. online – Is it Scam or Legit? is Making up to $7600 a month possible?

What is Part Time Job ( is an income opportunity website that claims to be a legitimate internet job site that gives people the opportunity to earn money from home without spending a dime. The website stated that they have been around for years and has over thousands of members worldwide. is an income opportunity website suitable for individuals who are desperately looking to earn money the fastest way. There are thousands of online money making website or income opportunity websites you can find online. Most of those websites offers great income potential, however not all of those website/companies are legit.

Since claims to be a job site, most beginners would expect that the website variety of online jobs to offer, but how does it really works? Let’s find out, just keep on reading!

How does Works?

Most people would think that is a legitimate website and that there’s a lot of online job offers they can get, like simple online tasks that needs to be completed. However, everyone needs to know that is just a plain referral website in which you can earn money by promoting the website.

There will be referral link given to each member who signed up to the site, and that referral will be used to promote the site, by simply sharing it to any of their social media accounts. Sharing your referral link to any forum site and chat rooms is just another option as long as you’re not getting banned.

For every referral link visit generated via your personal ref link you will earn $5, to $10 which will be added to your earnings. Your earnings will be updated every time your referral link has generated traffic.

1. Registration made it easy for everyone to register to the site, and as you can see from the screenshot above, it is easy as 1,2,3. Most of the legitimate PTC or GPT websites usually require for a valid email address and information, but parttimejob is different.

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2. Fast Approval

The registration approval is pretty fast! they will approve your registration as fast as 1,2,3, as you can see in the screenshot below, our registration has been successfully approved even without using a valid email address

3. $10 Welcome Bonus

This is how it looks after the registration, you will be redirected to which they usually do most of the time.

4. Reaching $300 minimum threshold

Members are required to reach the minimum threshold which is $300 before they can request for a payout. However, while the minimum is big higher, it is something that you can earn for a day especially if you have tons of social media followers. or Reviews – Scam or legit?

If you’re wondering, whether or not and/or is legit, te answer is NO! it’s fake! and we have listed some valid reasons why you should avoid the site.

1. Too good to be true

There is a saying that if it’s too good to be true, then it’s probably fake! we are 100 % sure that or is fake.

2. Not paying

There is no trace of any proof of payment, from the internet, none of the members has been paid, and there’s no payment proof, can be found online. Most of the legitimate income opportunity website usually have payment proof upload. However, not all money making websites that uploads or posts proofs of payments are legit, just like OdmoneyFamoneyand the rest.

3. Minimum is set to $300 which is too high.

Yes, you’ll never find any legitimate referral website that requires such amount for a minimum threshold. $300 is just too high, most of the legitimate website that pays users to do online tasks, would allow its members to withdraw earnings once reaches $10 below, lowest is $2.

4. Unresponsive Customer Service

There is no way to contact the website/owner or admins, you won’t be getting any response from them when you send them an email, this is a sure sign of scam.

5. Uses Fake Email

The website uses fake email where members are supposed to be sending their queries.

6. Completing surveys

There are surveys that requires completion, each members who requested payouts, should complete an online survey and are promised to be paid after but still aren’t paid after the completion.

7. Completing offers

This is just another requirement for the members to be completed right after requesting payouts. It’s either you will have to complete surveys or complete offers, in which your confidential information are required, they will also ask for your credit card information which may result to using your info for their selfish purposes.

8. Requires to download suspicious files

Some of the members are required to download suspicious files which may cause damage to your mobile devices/computer.

Both and are fake! if you don’t want to waste your time on it, then stay away from it

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