What is PayhourlyJobs and How it works? is it scam or legit?

  • Is Pay Hourly Jobs – legit or scam?
  • What is and how it works?
  • How to get paid with this website?
  • How to withdraw your earnings
  • What are the payment methods?

What is Pay Hourly Jobs

Pay Hourly Jobs – is a website that claims to be paying internet users for completing simple online task. This website is design for internet users who are looking to make extra cash from home the fastest way!

A lot of people nowadays would really be interested into this kind of income opportunity especially those who are still new to the online money making world.

Sure there’s a lot of ways that a person can earn a six figure income, but it’s not gonna happen overnight. You have to work hard for it, you just don’t get it overnight. Other people was able to earn six figure income by selling stuff online or doing affiliate marketing stuff.

And talking about Pay Hourly Pays, it seems that the website is too good to be true, since every this website claims is shady.

How Does Payhourlyjobs Works?

The way this site works is pretty simple and easy, you only need to create an account to the site and viola!! you can get started. This isn’t really the kind of site that would ask you a lot of personal information upon signing up.

While the registration is free, this doesn’t mean that the website is legit, we still need to look at some factors and scrutinize it’s credibility. First question would be, is it paying? has it paid anyone? is there any payment proof? is there is none, then you should check reviews online just to make sure you’re not wasting time at all.

1. This is how the landing page of Pay Hourly Jobs looks like

Pay Hourly Jobs -

2. We tried creating an account and this is how it looks like! simple, fast and easy. registration

3. Registering to the site is pretty fast! we were approve even without putting an email address. scam

4. This is how it looks like inside, when you log in to your account after completing the registration, you will see this and will see that wooping $15 welcome bonus.

Pay Hourly Jobs Payment Proof.

5. What even more ridiculous is that, they claims to be using anti-cheat system, which would make any newbie(s) believe that it’s legit when it’s not!

Pay Hourly Jobs Anti-Cheat system.

How Do I Get Paid?

The website claims to be paying via Checque or wire transfer and if you’re hoping to be paid after cashing our, or requesting for a payment. Then you better forget about it! Payhourlyjobs isn’t paying.

Payhourlyjobs Review – Real or Fake?

If you have made hundreds of dollars already and was wondering why you can’t withdraw your earnings. Well, it’s because is a fake website, none of the members has been paid by this website, due to the listed reasons below.

#1. is not secured, it is always good to check if the website is using https address but not all website that aren’t using it are not secured though.

#2. Too good to be true – it is just unbelievable to see a website that would offer you $5 to $10 per single link visit. Most of the legitimate referral website or Paid-to-Click website like Pay Hourly Jobs would allow you to withdraw your earnings as low as $1.

#3. Not paying – this is just another factor we need to look at, if there’s no payment proofs can be found online then it’s either the website is fake and not paying!

#4. Fake contact email – the contact email they put on their website is fake! don’t believe in it.

#5. Completing surveys – it’s ridiculous for a website to have you complete a survey and are promised to be paid after the completion but still aren’t paid.

#6. Completing offers – members are required to complete offers that may require personal information such as credit card and other confidential information which makes Payhourlyjobs a fake website. Legitimate website don’t do this, so stay away from it okay!

#7. Downloading files – some members are required to download files and are promised to get paid after downloading files. Those downloaded files could also harm your computer or other devices, so don’t do this! earns money every time a member completes a survey or an offer or even from downloaded files. That’s how their scheme works, they earn money from their members but members aren’t paid for what they worked for.

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