StartMiniJobs Reviews – What is – Is it Scam or Legit? Earn $400 every week for 1 hour online daily work

Is Start Mini Jobs ( legit? perhaps that’s the first question you had in mind, when you see your friends sharing it on Facebook or on any other social media sites or even in the forum sites where you used to hangout.

What is Start Mini Jobs

Start Mini Jobs is a website that appears to be an internet job site, the website claims to be providing an online jobs suitable for internet users who are looking to make an extra income from home without investments. There has been thousands of online jobs being offered on the internet, some of those jobs requires specific skills while the other ones does not require a college degree background and that is where StartMiniJobs. com comes in.

If you’re desperately looking to earn some extra cash from home and you stumbled upon startminijobs. com. And then it makes you excited knowing that you can possibly earn $400 per week by just spending 1 hour per day doing simple online tasks. And now you’re wondering what kind of online jobs you’ll be doing and how much you can earn per month with just spending an hour.

A lot of people would give in into such opportunity, who wouldn’t want to earn an $400 per week spending just an hour per day! A lot of people would quit their job for this! because even making $65000 per month is possible! like they make it possible for everyone to make thousands of dollars depending on the time and effort you are going to spend on the site.

How does StartMiniJobs Works

One must need to create an account in order to get start earning free cash, the registration is free, there is no need for you to pay for it. However, while joining the site may sound simple as 1,2,3 this doesn’t mean the website is legit. There is are few factors that you need to consider, such as, reviews and proof of payment.

Just in case you’re thinking that Start Mini Jobs is a real internet job site, you are wrong! in fact, you can never find any real job offer when you signup. They will give you a welcome bonus, which most of these fake internet job site do, but this doesn’t mean that the website is real! you really have to scrutinize it!

1. if you look at some factors, you will see that the registration is super easy, it doesn’t even require a valid email address registration
screengrab: startminijobs

2. Successfully registered to startminijobs without using a valid email address and no this is not how a legitimate website operates.

screengrab: startminijobs

3. There is a welcome bonus worth of $20 which is kind of ridiculous for a referral website to be giving such amount to each newly registered members. Proof of payment

4. There’s this Anti-Cheat statement that would make you believe it’s legit! despite of being fake and scam

Start Mini Jobs Scam, Start Mini Jobs Legit

Start Mini Jobs Review – is it Scam or Legit?

There’s a lot of red flags you can see, when you check the site, first poor web design! we have seen the same design from other fake internet job sites, another factors are listed below.


Yes it is, no one has been paid by this site, and when you google it, you cannot find any proof of payment, most of the time the only thing you will find online is complaints.


Most of the legitimate online money making websites does not pay $5 to $10 for a single link visit. Clixsense or Neobox is the best example on this one, both of the websites are legitimate but only pays cents for a link visit.


Every member needs to reach $300 before they can make a payout request, and all of the members who request for a payout haven’t been paid.


Each members who requested for a payout are required to complete a survey which needs to be completed and members are promise that they will get paid once the survey is completed.


There will be offers that you need to complete after completing surveys, these offers requires a credit card information which is very suspicious. If ever a website ask for this, then you should stay away from it.


There’s a lot of things to consider that proves Start Mini Jobs is a fake website, if you have friends who fall into this don’t hesitate to share this review to them

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