StartWeeklyJob Review – What is – Is it Scam or Legit? Earn $300 per week for 1 hour daily online work

What is StartWeeklyJob ( is a website that claims to be an internet job site in which you can possibly earn thousands of dollars completing simple online tasks. Its main goal is to help internet users who are desperately looking to make some extra cash (online) from their very own comfort zone.

StartWeeklyJob website is offering a high potential earnings that could help you earn up to $10,000 per month, depending on the traffic generated through your referral link. And just in case, you’re wondering whether or not StartWeeklyJob is a legitimate, we will help you find that out.

So is it really possible to earn up to $300 with StartWeeklyJob?

The answer is yes! there is a great possibility that you could even earn up to $10,000 per month. says they are paying their members from $5 up to $10 per link visit.

Perhaps, StartWeeklyJob isn’t really the first website to be offering such income opportunity, this website works totally the same as DoWeeklyWork, TheJobPayment, TheJobPaidStartMiniJobsMyWorkforLifePartTimeJobDoPartTimeJob, and many more. All of the websites mentioned above works totally the same and is using the same web design, and might have been operated by one group of people.

How does StartWeeklyJob Works?

Just in case you’re thinking that there will be a lot of online jobs you will get once you join and get started. We are telling you right now, that all these online jobs you have in mind are non-existing jobs. First off, StartWeeklyJob is just a plain referral website in which your main duty would be promoting the site.

Yes there’s huge earning potential to be made, but I doubt that StartWeeklyJob website is paying. The first thing you will have to check before joining a website like StartWeeklyJob is to find for great and genuine reviews. And that’s what you’re doing right now, you’ve come to the right place, that’s why we’re here to tell you, that StartWeeklyJob is a fake website.

1. Fast Registration

We always try our best to test and see what will happen, what we did is we went ahead and register on the site and see if it works the way other legitimate money making website works. Unfortunately you will notice that they made it pretty simple and easy to the point that people don’t even need to provide a valid email address.

2. Fast Approval

Fast approval is what most people would want from a website like however, this isn’t the case here. A legitimate website should not let anyone register on the site without using a valid email address or valid information, if the website does not ask for these information, it’s probably a fake website. Even other fake websites requires a valid email address and usually sends an email confirmation for every completed registration.

3. Welcome Bonus

Website like StartWeeklyJob is pretty generous to its members as they always gives new members a welcome bonus. As you can see on the screenshot above, there is a $10 amount there which is just an imaginary welcome bonus.

StartWeeklyJob Reviews – Scam or Legit? is a fake website and we have listed some valid reasons why you should avoid this site.

#1. Not paying – yes that’s right! hasn’t paid anyone, there should be payment proofs if it’s legit, but there is none!

#2. Too good to be true – there is a saying that says, if it’s too good to be true, then it’s probably not! There is a lot of red flags and factors that proves it’s illegitimacy.

#3. Minimum payout is too high – yes that’s right! you need at least $300 on your account to be able to request for a payout. But even if you have reached that goal and request for a payout, still you won’t be paid, because is a fake website.

#4. Unresponsive admins – they don’t respond to queries, they are hiding behind their computers.

#5. Fake email address – every legitimate website/company has a valid email address where you can send them email and/or reach them out but it is not provided on their website.

#6. Members need to complete surveys – members who have requested for a payout are required to complete surveys, in which the website earn money for every survey(s) completed. Thus, the website earns money from it but not paying its members.

#7. Completing offers – after completing surveys, there will be another offers given by the site, some of those offers requires your confidential information such as email addresses, credit card information and other personal information. it is also said that the website owner of the are selling those information to either criminals or uses it for thier own selfish purposes.

#8. Downloading Suspicious files – yes that’s right, members who have requested for a payout, are required to download files which could cause damage to your laptop, computer or any devices.

If you are looking for a legitimate online job, there’s a lot of online jobs you can find online. But isn’t really the right website for you to hangout! it’s fake! it’s Scam! stay away from it

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